Each iEARN (International Education and Resource Network) Annual Conference and Youth Summit is a unique opportunity for educators, students, administrators, Ministry officials, non-profit, and corporate partners, to meet and discuss how they are using technology to build global understanding and enhance teaching and learning. The Annual iEARN Conference and Youth Summit showcases educational technology activities, school partnerships, new Internet- based professional development tools, innovative curricula, and the collaborative efforts of youth and educators participating in the network. In addition to educator and youth led workshops, the six- day event also features cultural excursions, cultural nights, and presentations by Ministries of Education and educational organizations working in the field of global education and virtual exchange.

The overall theme of the iEARN 2017 Conference and Youth Summit will focus on the use of innovative technologies for quality education. Hence, the conference aims at further developing attendees’ knowledge and skills about the use of ICT for inquiry and collaborative learning as in the iEARN context.
Participants are encouraged to promote innovative ways to use ICTs, share their experience, network with peers across the world. This conference is open to all educators and students already involved in iEARN as well as those interested in the field of innovative technologies for education in general. We encourage all who want to make their education programs more global, and who believe that students can make a difference in the world, to join this global gathering.

Moroccan Education And Resource Network will host the conference for the second time; the 2009 iEARN Conference and Youth Summit in Al Akhawayn University in Ifrane, gathered 450 educators from 52 countries. 2017 marks the 23rd iEARN international conference and 20th Youth Summit. Previous iEARN Conferences were held in Argentina (1994), Australia (1995), Hungary(1996), Spain (1997), USA (1998), Puerto Rico (1999), China (2000), South Africa (2001), Russia (2002), Japan (2003), Slovakia (2004), Senegal (2005), the Netherlands (2006), Egypt (2007), Morocco (2009), Canada (2010), Taiwan (2011), Qatar (2013), Argentina (2014) and Brazil (2015).